“Christine Kelly and her training and registry of pet therapists have established a gold standard that Gentiva Hospice is  grateful to know through the participation of her graduates, registrants and canine companions. They have brought great joy to our patients and elder care residents throughout the community.” Rebekah


“I would like to nominate Dusty the Poodle for a High Five Award along with his owner.  We had a 7 year old having a panic attack and Dusty came into the room and was the perfect therapy tool.  She sat and allowed me to use her to be petted, and allowed this girl to pet, talk to her and went to sleep.  The young patient was able to slow down her breathing to match the dogs breathing and saw how the dog was calm and matched her behavior to match.  It was amazing.  The owner, kept silent and allowed me to take charge of the environment and teach.  It was an amazing scene.  The patient was able to open up and cry sharing emotions.  Just wanted to share what a treat it was to have this tool available and how perfectly this went today.  Thanks LeAnn


“I have loved working with Christine Kelly and K9to5. I knew I wanted to train my dog to be a therapy dog, but I also wanted to use the work as a ministry. After searching online, I came across K9to5 and saw Christine’s vision to do precisely that.

That’s why I chose K9to5 to train my Siberian Husky, Lakita. Christine did an excellent job training Lakita (and me) and everything is professionally done. In fact, the qualifications dogs need to pass the National Therapy Dog Registry test are top-notch—the standard is even higher than other organizations out there.

Since Lakita’s registration as a therapy dog, we have had many opportunities to visit nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and afterschool programs for autistic children. We recently completed hospice training and are now visiting hospice patients weekly. If you have a heart for people, and a heart to spread God’s love through therapy dog visits, K9to5 is the place for you!”
–Janna Arnold

“There’s nothing better than the unconditional love an animal can provide. Whether in a hospital or for reading time, a therapy pet’s presence provides an atmosphere of comfort and support that is unrivaled. A dog loveBoy and dog bondings you no matter who you are, where you’ve been, what’ve you done (or haven’t done), how you look, how much money you make, etc.

Dogs just want to love and please and what is better than sharing that with folks in need of that love? I find such joy in watching a person’s face light up and my dog’s tail wag uncontrollably as they meet and greet each other—truly heaven on earth!” –Jeni Duhe

“Through pet therapy, I have found that my dog opens a door that may not have been opened to me otherwise to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those I’m visiting. When visiting nursing homes, especially, I’m welcomed into someone’s room (their personal space) and allowed to sit, talk, and stay a while because I’m there with my therapy dog, Rylie. If the Lord so chooses, He also opens the door for a discussion about his amazing grace. It never ceases to amaze me how much more people are willing to talk, and even listen, when Rylie starts the conversation!”
–Jeni Duhe


“As an evaluator and trainer of therapy dogs, K9to5 National Therapy Dog Registry is the only registry I use and recommend. With their high standards, I feel assured the dogs have the well developed work ethic to safely impact the patients they serve.”
–Lisa Hayes, CPDT-KA, Canine Community Heroes, Greeley, Colorado


Woman in a wheel chair petting a golden retreiver“My mother has been a resident of Pikes Peak Care Center for over four years.  During this time we have enjoyed the visits from Ginger (a beautiful golden retriever) and her owner, Christine.  My mother’s face always lights up when Ginger walks into her room.  Ginger sits patiently next to my mother’s wheelchair and allows her to stroke her head.  Sometimes she even lays her head on my mother’s lap.  When we are talking to Ginger’s master, she lays quietly on the floor – frog leg style of course.  Christine has trained several other dogs and always makes sure the dogs are on their best behavior.  Ginger is not only a joy to my mother but to all the other residents as well.”
Sincerely,  Donna C