A little boy with glasses hugging a dog

Any dog lover can testify to this truth and science backs it up with ample evidence. By their companionship alone, dogs reduce our blood pressure, slow our heart rates, accelerate healing, and provide immeasurable comfort.

At K9to5 National Dog Therapy Registry, we want to bring the healing effect of dogs’ unconditional love into the lives of more people.

Want to get involved? Become a registered member or a therapy dog team evaluator.

quote marksAs an evaluator and trainer of therapy dogs, K9to5 National Therapy Dog Registry is the only registry I use and recommend. With their high standards, I feel assured the dogs have the well developed work ethic to safely impact the patients they serve.”

–Lisa Hayes, CPDT-KA, Canine Community Heroes, Greeley, Colorado

Who We Are

K9to5 National Dog Therapy Registry is a national therapy dog organization committed to enriching the lives of those in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and more.

Why We Are Different

Stability Standards
Safety is our number one priority. To be successful, dog therapy visits need to be safe and enjoyable for everyone, including the dog. Using our unique Stability Standards, our evaluators assess both the temperament and obedience skills of dogs to ensure all our canine therapy team members are well suited to the job.

We want therapy dog work to be affordable to as many people as possible, but without sacrificing safety. That’s why our organization is built on a model that allows for high safety standards at a affordable cost.

Any certified dog trainer with current business insurance can sign up to become an evaluator with us (provided they are not already involved with another dog therapy organization). That means thousands of qualified people across the country—and the opportunity for you to become a therapy dog handler (or team) regardless of where you live.

Places Therapy Dogs Visit

  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • Homes for the disabled
  • Treatment centers
  • Schools and libraries
  • And many more...
Man in a wheel chair with his companion dog
I find such joy in watching a person’s face light up and my dog’s tail wag uncontrollably as they meet and greet each other—truly heaven on earth!” –Jeni Duhe
Man in a wheel chair petting his companion dog